Yem key dates

Fév 25, 2020

In the night of 15th to 16th January 2011 young people decided to break with fatalism.In a crisis situation ( cost of living,electricity cuts,financial scandal etc.) in the deep of political context of danger, the governance system installed and maintained at the head of the state, built on nepotism,political clientelism,corruption and impunity had ended undermining the foundations of the republic, perverting the values and ,the social morality  and divideing the Senegalese nation:y’en a marre movement was born
Initiated by journalists, rapper artists and students , and joining quickly by the others professionals to start it up officially January 18th 2011 the framework that brings together all the fringes of senegalese youth, Y’en a marre has became very populary and has members everywhere in the country and in the diaspora.

Y en a Marre key dates

y’en a marre as democracy surveillance and sentinel movement has carried out many activities to reinforce democracy and safeguarde the Republic
18 Janvier 2011
The official launch of y ‘en a marre movement at the Place du souvenir in Dakar with national presse and international attendance.

02 Mars 2011 :launch of one thousand complaints against senegal government

Many popular complaints showing  the bad situation that population lived, were launched for the first time in the streets of Rufisque to call on the government, to put citizen’s worries at the heart of its action.

19 March 2011: Launch of the Manifesto « For a New Type of Senegalese » (NTS)

y’en a marre movement launches at the obelisk place hisits first protest named’s “ The basis of the citizent’s Republic: :for a new type of senegalese ». this manifesto aims a new citizenship that promotes the emergence of the new type of senegalese (NTS). This citizen who asks the state, political actors, and the social actors, they should carry this project of social transformation to build a society of justice, equity, law, peace,and progress for all.

15 April 2011: Launch of the plan «  » (Dass Fanaanal)

«My identity card, my weapon» campaign launches on April 15th in Kaolack to encourage youth to register on the electoral list in order to have a massive participation during in February 2011 presidential elections, After the registration was closed on August 15th 2011, the statistic of interior minister showed 357000 new registrations,. this record rate is the result of unprecedented engagement of civil society organizations but particulary y’en a marre movement which was able to trigger the youth through its plan named’s DAAS FANAANAL my identity card, my weapon ».

22-23 June 2011: Demonstration against the ticket vote in the presidential election.

« Finishing the meeting in rooms, no meetings between four walls, it must pass we have to the act» said Thiat accompanied by Malal Talla to say no at the Wade presidential ticket ,this speech was well understood because June 23rd people kept fighting and this law project did not pass.

18 September 2011: Launch of « Sama Askan sama Bakaan », « Tayla Walo guéna Ay », and « Une école un Drapeau »

« sama askan sama bakan»my country my life,my people my life
this slogan shows how democracy and the respect of the constitution is important for the citizen,through the fight against another fix of our Constitution done by Abdoulaye Wade in June 23rd 2011

«Tayla walo guéna ay»( )has taken a serious decision to put pressure on the government to solve the electrocity cuts problem this is  an ultimatum to the authorities to make the concerns of Senegalese people as Government priorities

«One school one flag » doing the necessary for the students to know in the young age how to be citizen model, bringing civic education back to the primary school program, ensure that all schools in Senegal have a flag and that every morning pupils proceed to the raising of the colours.

23 Octobre 2011: Launch of the plan « Fanaané Daas

In the continuity of daas fanaanal program it was launch officially launched Saturday 23rd October 2011 in Bambey(123 kilometer from the capital Dakar ) it had as purpose to encourage citizen registered on the electoral list to go to get their electoral card to accomplish their right and obligation of voting